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What Are The Steps of The Hair Rejuvenation Procedure In Michigan?

The first step in any procedure is to schedule a consultation. This is the perfect time for asking any questions and answering any concerns you are having about the procedure itself. The sole purpose of the consultation is to make the experience as comfortable as possible for you. During the procedure The first step in Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy procedure is donating blood to yourself. You will sit in a chair and a nurse will draw between 60-100 ml of blood from your arm. This blood will be placed in a special container that will run through a centrifuge. The process…

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Hair Restoration Therapy

Being blessed with a thick head of healthy, thriving hair usually comes down to the luck of the draw. In most cases, hair loss is the result of unfavorable genetics. The follicle becomes thinner and thinner until hair strands can no longer flourish. Hair usually becomes sparse or non-existent in one section and expands outward. When many of us first think of hair loss, men typically come to mind, but women also suffer from the frustrating condition. Hair thinning is usually associated with women because they generally do not become completely bald. Because so many people are affected by hair…

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Answers to Hair Loss in Michigan

Platelet-Rich Plasma is an abbreviated term widely used to describe hair-shots. For the past 20 years, medical professionals have been utilizing the benefits of Platelet-Rich Plasma to jump-start new cell production throughout the body. The common use of this revolutionary blood byproduct has sparked an interest in the research community to determine if Platelet-Rich Plasma can also successfully regenerate hair growth. It is medically and scientifically-proven that hair-shots can regrow tissue, but the use of Platelet-Rich Plasma as a hair loss treatment is still under investigation. However, this powerful therapy can change how hair doctors across the globe treat thinning…

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Hair Loss Shots in Michigan: Uses And Benefits

Hair loss is a condition affecting millions of people. The thinning of hair follicles is the primary cause, as they become so brittle that growing hair in that area is stopped altogether. Men usually suffer from the condition more than women, but it’s still prevalent in both sexes. Since the condition is so widespread among the population, many doctors have been working to find new solutions that could benefit both man and women alike. Platelet-Rich Plasma have gained the attention of medical professionals and patients. However, there is an ongoing research about the effectiveness and benefits this procedure offers. HOW…

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Michigan’s Most Wanted Hair Answers

What’s and How’s of Michigan’s Platelet-Rich Plasma hair Therapy Procedure Platelet-rich product hair therapy in Michigan begins  drawing 60 to 100 ml of the patient’s blood. A medical professional will draw blood while you relax comfortably in a lounge chair. The blood is then run through a centrifuge and spun for about 15 minutes to separate the components. The hair-shots is extracted and concentrated, and the remaining blood cells are discarded. The second half of the process involves transferring the product to the scalp. A micro-needling procedure is performed on the barren areas of the scalp where hair thinning and…

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Innovative Solutions for Hair Loss in Michigan

Both men and women who experience thinning hair and baldness often feel helpless, and less attractive. Their self-esteem takes a strong hit. Our hair plays a big role in our aesthetic appearance and when that prominent physical feature is in jeopardy, the emotional toll can be devastating. Therefore, Dr. Robert Grafton in Michigan offers his patients Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy. This non-invasive treatment may be the solution to your hair loss problem. Platelet-Rich Plasma is effective for all types of hair loss conditions that occur in both men and women. Platelet-Rich Plasma is a new form of a recently developed, advanced…

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How Is The Hair Procedure Performed

Platelet-Rich Plasma hair therapy in Michigan is different than hair transplants or other invasive procedures. This treatment is convenient and mostly painless. All the therapy treatments are performed in an office and start with Dr. Grafton drawing a small amount of blood from the Platelet-Rich Plasma patient. The lab will use a centrifuge to spin the blood. This process will separate the Platelet-Rich Plasma (Growth Factors) from the rest of the blood using highly advanced gel technology. Platelet-Rich Plasma contains vital growth proteins that are naturally occurring in human blood. The therapy uses these proteins to stimulate hair growth. Although PRP is…

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Is Your Hair Loss Therapy Right For Me?

According to much of the medical community, Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment is very effective in treating hair loss. In fact, researchers claim it is the most effective out of all other treatment options. Although success is never 100% guaranteed and results will vary person to person, Platelet-Rich Plasma is still one of the most exciting new therapies that have been tried in recent years. Platelet-Rich Plasma has been proven through a clinical trial to stimulate the hair follicle growth, reverse and slow hair thinning, and cause regrowth of hair in most patients. Is Platelet-Rich Plasma in Michigan Right for Me? Platelet-Rich…

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The Facts About Platelet-Rich Plasma For Treating Alopecia in Michigan Michigan

As we age, the hair on our head becomes thinner and starts falling out. People use various ways to hide this fact with haircuts, shaving, wearing a hat, or even wigs. But this isn’t a long-term solution to the problem. Hair loss can be contributed to genetic makeup, stress, poor diet, and illness. Losing your hair can also just be a sign of aging. It’s common for people to lose between 25 to 100 hairs each day and that’s considered normal. They usually grow back, but as we age, the body doesn’t regenerate the hair as quickly. Eventually, you will…

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Price of Platelet-Rich Plasma For Hair Rejuvenation in Michigan

What is the Price of Platelet-Rich Plasma One of the biggest factors patients must consider is the cost of this cosmetic procedure. Fortunately, Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy is proven to be affordable, especially when compared to other options for hair loss, including surgical transplant. According to The European Journal of Plastic Surgery, “Platelet-Rich Plasma injections are simple and efficient, have minimal morbidity with a low cost-to-benefit ratio, and can be regarded as a valuable alternative for the treatment of alopecia.” It is important to note, the cost of Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment done for the loss of hair may vary from doctor…

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