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Michigan PRP. How effective is PRP for Hair? Is It Right For Me?

According to much of the medical community, PRP treatment is very effective in treating hair loss. In fact, researchers claim it is the most effective out of all other treatment options. Although success is never 100% guaranteed and results will vary person to person, PRP is still one of the most exciting new therapies that have been tried in recent years.

PRP has been proven through a clinical trial to stimulate the hair follicle growth, reverse and slow hair thinning, and cause regrowth of hair in most patients.

Is PRP in Michigan Right for Me?

PRP in Michigan has helped thousands of men and women rebuild their confidence by helping them grow a new, full head of hair. As with any procedure, it is recommended to do your own research on PRP Therapy and consult with your physician before undergoing any cosmetic procedure. This therapy is great for people who do not want a surgery for hair loss treatment. PRP therapy is a natural and non-invasive technique, making the recovery time minimal and virtually pain-free.

If you have a history of Alopecia Areata or scarring Alopecia, are on blood thinning medication, or are being treated for any type of blood disorder, PRP therapy might not work for you.

How to get started?

If you prefer a non-invasive treatment for your hair loss, then PRP for Hair Loss with Dr. Grafton is an excellent option. Ready to get started? Call us right now: 248-206-3973

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