Dr. Grafton’s PRP Hair Restoration Therapy was developed due to new medical research and the advancement of technology within the medical community.

If you are suffering from hair thinning and loss, Our Non-Surgical PRP Hair Restoration Therapy treatments are a viable option to help reverse hair thinning and regrow your hair. Hair loss is a serious cosmetic issue for a lot of people and it can damage your self-confidence and affect your looks.  Hair restoration has helped millions of people with hair loss by stimulating their hair growth and returning their self-confidence. Dr. Grafton uses his non-surgical PRP Therapy for hair restoration in both men and women with truly amazing results.

PRP hair restoration procedure is completely safe and all-natural. Hair Restoration with platelet-rich plasma shots means: no surgery, no scarring, no complications, no downtime.

The Science Behind The Treatment

Our bodies contain products called growth factors that help rejuvenate and heal our bodies when recovering from an injury. With the help of new advancements, physicians have found a way to reintroduce these products to our hair follicles to make them work properly again. By introducing these products directly into the scalp tissue, they will help to heal the follicles and make them healthier and stronger, restoring your hair growth.

Hair Restoration Therapy treatments have been successfully used in medical fields other than cosmetic dermatology with great success.

Despite the success that PRP Hair Restoration Therapy has had in stimulating hair growth, it may not work in some rare instances. Therefore it’s important to review your hair loss case history with Dr. Grafton before undergoing the therapy. We offer Free evaluation consultations in our office.



Hair Restoration Therapy Hair Restoration FAQ’s

How Is The Hair Restoration Therapy Procedure Performed?

During your initial visit, tests will be ordered. During the next visit the  procedure will be performed on your scalp which may take 15 minutes. The  Hair Therapy will stimulate the follicles so that your hair can regrow. The treatment will be repeated several times over several months. This not only ensures that the hair follicles remain stimulated but also that the hair growth is progressing as it should be.

How Effective Is The Therapy?

Out of all the non-surgical products that you can find on the market today regarding hair growth, Dr. Grafton’s Non-Surgical  Hair Therapy is the most effective and provides great results for good candidates for the treatment.

Candidates For Hair Restoration Therapy Treatment

 Therapy for hair growth is a great option for many men and women that are looking to restore their confidence and to regain a lush head of hair. The best candidates for Hair Therapy treatment are those that do not have a history of Telogen Effluvium or scarring Alopecia.

Is Hair Therapy For You?

Before getting the PRP Hair Therapy in Michigan, it is important to examine your hair loss case and to thoroughly consult with an experienced hair loss physician like Dr. Grafton regarding your choice. Overall, this procedure is a safe and natural option for many individuals.

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If you prefer not to have surgery or are not a candidate for surgery, then the Hair Restoration Therapy for hair regrowth in Michigan with Dr. Grafton is an excellent option. To find out if Non-Surgical Hair Therapy will work for YOU call us today and request your consultation with Dr. Grafton: 248-299-6228